OUR Story

The Ascend Outreach Center started as aScend church at the beginning of 2018 with a passionate heart for community outreach and street-based ministry work. Over the first two years, the church grew as a beacon for those who shared the same heart for being the hands and feet of Jesus. During that time, the vision became bright for the Outreach Center. With the expansion of multiple weekly based ministries, it was unavoidable to take the steps away from the traditional Sunday structure and into the Ascend Outreach Center.


Now, the AOC operates as a neutral ground for churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals to come in and volunteer with one of our ongoing community-based ministries. The goal is to meet those who are at-risk in our community where they are at (go to them), build authentic relationships, and through those relationships, share the love of Jesus while connecting them to the resources they need to empower their lives. The AOC is ambitious in its desire to be not only a pillar in our communities but also a powerhouse of force impacting the most vulnerable in our area. The AOC is achieving this vision through partnerships and cooperation with our local churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals like you who desire to see positive change.


Through each person who receives Christ, gets fed, clothed, into detox, rehab, housing, helped with finding an occupation, healthcare, mental/trauma/substance abuse counseling, or just finding a place of support, we are seeing lives change and communities grow healthier.